Can you survive 5 minutes in the world of the Voyt3k Duv? One hit from the enemy droids & it's instant death. Stay away from the yellow lines on the road or else your life bar decreases. Stay alive as long as you can. Checkout more of the Voyt3k Duv on You Tube, & download the music on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody & other major music distributors. The full version of the game is available on the iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch as well as Android OS, Blackberry devices, & Windows Phone along with other major platforms.


Avoid enemy droids & avoid the yellow lines on the road. If you touch the yellow lines 3 times you're finished. The hover bike has automatic shooting that is timed, so you'll have to aim when you hear the alert sound &/or see the alert dot in the top left hand corner that will appear when it's time to aim. If you hit an enemy droid when the hover bike fires, your life bar will increase if low. Survive!


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