Rock Paper Scissors Multiplayer


The classical game now available in Real Multiplayer version, with both syncronous and asynchronous game play. Want more...the game is also available in Mobile versions (J2ME and iPhone) where opponents can play against each other. Challenge your opponents on the go... Check out the active tournaments and join in to win!


Rock Paper Scissors is a hand game played by two persons. Although it is based primarily on luck, many strategies can be implemented. One of these strategies is based on the recognition of the opponent's non-random behaviour, which can lead to sensing his/her next move. The game can also be played versus the computer when no other player is available. Rules: The rules of the game are simple: Each player has to select a hand gesture (rock, paper or scissors) in three seconds after the round's signal has been given. If no move is selected, then the game selects a gesture at random. Each gesture beats one of the others: * Rock beats Scissors * Scissors beat Paper * Paper beats Rock For each victory, the winning player is awarded one point. If both players select the same gesture, this is considered as a draw and no one gets points. The winner of the game is the player who succeeded in defeating his/her opponent three times (collected 3 points).


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