Win friends. Influence people. Then screw them over. Play Kami, the power game that tells you how ambitious you are. Kami is a game of territory and power decided by ever shifting alliances and ever changing strategies. In Kami you will learn that ruthlessness without charm is not enough. That charm without intelligence is meaningless. That intelligence without allies is ineffectual. And in the process you will learn about yourself and just how far you would be prepared to go to attain your ambitions. Kami is a satisfying real time flash game for 1 – 9 players that operates on many lev...


In the game you are represented by Kami stones that you move around the game board to capture land. To win the game you need to defeat your opponents either by encircling them, starving them or crushing them. Click on your Kami stone and drag it in any direction you want it to move. The more land you own, the more Kami stones you can support and in this way you can attain victory.


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