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Best free tools to start website designing by myself? 17 Jun 2019, 7:13 pm

Dear Friends,

I want to learn website designing please suggest.
What are the best free tools to start website designing by myself?

Thank you

Should I learn Wappler instead of learning to code manually?? 17 Jun 2019, 7:03 pm

I might have hit the jackpot here:

I came across totally by accident today as I explored various tools to save time in coding. I've been struggling in learning to code, but now I'm beginning to wonder if I should just learn to use Wappler instead. Their features page looks very promising! It's like Webflow on steroid! Maybe this thing could turn me into a full-stack developer, not just a web designer building web pages, in one-tenth of the time other...

Should I learn Wappler instead of learning to code manually??

Sessional Cookies vs Sessional Storage vs Variables 17 Jun 2019, 5:59 pm

If we can just store information in variables why do we need a sessional cookie or sessional storage?

Does anyone make over $10000 per month with clickbank? 17 Jun 2019, 5:10 pm

I've heard a lot of people had success with clickbank. Does anyone in this forum make over $10000 per month with clickbank, either as vendor or affiliate? If yes, would you like to share your tips and tricks?

$30USD PayPal Quick Logo & Business Card Design 17 Jun 2019, 4:05 pm

I need a design done in like 24 to 48 hours.

Name of Business: N & M Cleaning Services
Slogan: Cleaning the world one room at a time
Name: Nayma Meeks
Phone Number: 817-487-8252 (Sí hablo español) 817-618-5889 (English)

This client provides cleaning services to businesses. So currently has a day job at a hospital doing the same thing so I don't think she minds much. She is trained and prepared for all the hazardous stuff. The logo and...

$30USD PayPal Quick Logo & Business Card Design

premium domain 17 Jun 2019, 3:44 pm

Since all of you are fu st, i sell now only the domain.

Unique Car Software Niche Site - Adsense - Revenue $30 BIN 17 Jun 2019, 3:26 pm

Why are you selling this site?
Having a clear out of sites, this is a unique site linking to a well known (by word of mouth) bit of freeware. However the software does not have its own site, So i created the site which links to it.. It is maturing well to be picked up on search terms when people look the software up.

Its a fairly simple, easy to use and clean template running wordpress which some clever link adverts - they have made some revenue but nothing to shout about YET - but...

Unique Car Software Niche Site - Adsense - Revenue $30 BIN

$80 for best logo barn door and interior business 17 Jun 2019, 3:24 pm

Hi guys, another contest to see the talent on here. This time we are looking for a logo for a interior siding barn door business and barn wood furniture business. Chosen design will get $80 via PayPal or Bitcoin. May be other work needed from winner. Contest will last five days, let the contest begin. Name of business is Buell Barn Co.

Forex Affiliate Programs - Anyone Making Good Money Promoting Brokers? 17 Jun 2019, 2:14 pm

After having a lot of success promoting health and fitness stuff over the years I thought it was time to diversify and start trying to make money from other niches.

I have a site related to Forex and at first I only had adsense but after reaching out to some brokers via their affiliate pages I've signed up.

Now, my site isn't getting any traffic yet but I do plan on investing some time and money into this site. That being said, it would be nice to get a bit of a rough idea of what the...

Forex Affiliate Programs - Anyone Making Good Money Promoting Brokers?

Fast $20 to design business card 17 Jun 2019, 1:58 pm

We are an anonymous agency that does not want our contests showing up on Google search, therefore, do not tag your mockups with the business name of logo. Use fx, sample.jpg or not use or tag logo business name on your design please!!!
Details and logo attached below.

Payment via paypal only!

Niche Based High Quality Guest Posting Service 17 Jun 2019, 1:11 pm

Hello ,
Okay Guest post: The "Win-Win" element in blogging

Guest posting is the act of submission of a blog post onto the blog of another person. Being the blogospheres integral element, guest post plays its role when any blogger invites people to post to the corresponding blog site. This enhances dual benefits, as the blogger not only gets fresh content, but also be able to maintain an updated bog for the abundant visitors.

Guest post:...

Niche Based High Quality Guest Posting Service

Can Adwords be used for Promoting SEO services? 17 Jun 2019, 12:35 pm


I want to know can we use Google Adwords for promoting SEO services?

Can it be beneficial?


Is instagram good for... 17 Jun 2019, 11:52 am

Hi guys

Is instagram good to generate traffic for loan and forex offers?...


InstaDP- Tool to view any Instagram profile picture 17 Jun 2019, 11:39 am


I have recently created this tool that lets people view any Instagram profile picture at big with HD resolution. You could possibly even view Instagram non-public profile by searching inside our site. is actually a tool for Instagram page viewer. This tool is commonly known as InstaDP

does short articles/ posts works? 17 Jun 2019, 11:36 am

does short articles/ posts works?

posts like 400-600 words with good proper seo and all , do you guys think it till work or not ??

Starting in copywriting 17 Jun 2019, 10:31 am

How did you start copywriting, what did you use to learn and how did you get your first job?

How do I increase my Twitter Followers? 17 Jun 2019, 10:30 am

Can you please suggest me how can I increase my twitter long term follower ?

Who are the best contest holders? 17 Jun 2019, 10:14 am

It's high time we had a thread like this so that we can nominate our favorite contest holder. By doing this we can motivate all holders to do better.
I feel at present that @evershawn has taken the lead here. Feel free to nominate or congratulate other contest holders who you feel deserve accolades and some recognition. Or you can simply agree with me.:)

I may at some point in time in the near future start a thread pertaining to bad contest holders. Those who don't...

Who are the best contest holders?

From now on Google will pre-announce future core algorithm updates 17 Jun 2019, 10:11 am

Looks like they are doing this to prevent the SEO community from giving their updates wrong / unfavorable names.

Two reliable sources to look for future update announcements:

Will they be also announcing WHAT their updates will be about? Not sure. Stay tuned!

Please Advice: Need Advice for A New Blog 17 Jun 2019, 9:47 am


My passion is Marketing, followed by freelancing, all things technical, solving problems, blogging, SEO etc. I used to write blog posts for a few clients in the past as well.

I do like horses but don't know much about them. So what about horses? Well, you've guessed it right! Am a little confused about selecting the right niche for my new blog.

I am very passionate about online blogging and the niche's I have shared... but it's sort of overrated to start a blog about blogging and...

Please Advice: Need Advice for A New Blog - Premium Content from English Writers - Custom or Pre-written - Starts $0.02/word 17 Jun 2019, 9:21 am


We are a premium marketplace for content writers and buyers. We have hundreds of pre-written articles available for purchase immediately. Or if you have specific requests, you can submit a Custom Job describing exactly what you need, and our eligible writers will deliver just that. You will have a direct line of communication to the... - Premium Content from English Writers - Custom or Pre-written - Starts $0.02/word

Simple Chat Web App Idea 17 Jun 2019, 8:35 am


The idea is to get a fully functional chat app using nothing but a text file on a server, AJAX and localStorage.

This is my idea:

Simple Chat App

Https connection
Server: text file.

Ajax to update the text file.

On send execute a function


  • Override the contents of the text file.
  • Pull the contents of the text file onto the webpage.
  • Store the content to localStorage.

Would this work?


Banned from Google. Any alternatives? 17 Jun 2019, 7:45 am

Looking for an alternative to Google since I'm banned. I tried qualifying for PPC but, my site didn't meet their requirements.

$30 Logo Design Contest 17 Jun 2019, 6:59 am


I am looking for someone to design a logo for my company One of the Locals

One of the locals is an online local business directory.

Here is what I need for the logo:
- Simple FLAT logo. No gradients. Good typography.
- It needs to be professional, memorable.
- Be bold with your concepts.
- The logo needs to look good in black and white, as well as in colour.
- Delivery is expected in PSD and transparent PNG (black, white and colour).
- I have seen an icon design that I...

$30 Logo Design Contest

What is the best Programming language to learn first? 17 Jun 2019, 6:41 am

Hello All.
How are you you? hope you are all fine :)

So Any suggestions on what language to learn first and why?

Thank you very much!

Javascript drop down section with plus minus buttons 17 Jun 2019, 6:31 am

I want to find some javascript code which will allow this:

Content A Title
Content B Title

to turn into this when you press a plus button and when you press a minus button it returns

Content A Title
Content A Here (Pictures and Text as designed html)
Content B Title
I have to use it 10 or so times on the screen so it needs to be able to be easily installed, short in code or shortenable by some server side or...

Javascript drop down section with plus minus buttons

Redirect https-www to https-non-www 17 Jun 2019, 5:39 am

I have an file mydom.conf into apache2/sites-available/
In mydom.conf I have an VirtualHost where is activated SSL and seted reverse proxy to my app from Tomcat.

<VirtualHost *:443>

   SSLEngine On

   SSLCertificateFile /opt/ssl/mydom.crt
   SSLCertificateKeyFile /opt/ssl/mydom.key
   SSLCertificateChainFile /opt/ssl/

   BrowserMatch ".*MSIE.*" nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0
Code (ApacheConf):
Redirect https-www to https-non-www

On page SEO analysis and tips 17 Jun 2019, 5:27 am

Visitors can get a comprehensive SEO report on their website. They can also generate a pdf document in case the report is for their clients.

The SEO analysis covers many aspects: content, links, keywords, accessibility, mobile, etc

There are many languages available and the main language can easily be switched.

Only hosting is needed to operate the website (shared hosting is ok). There's no need for any other human intervention.

Why are you selling this site?

Lack of...

On page SEO analysis and tips

Free alternatives to Photoshop 17 Jun 2019, 5:17 am

Hey web designers and developers!

Here are 3 free alternatives to Photoshop. Two of them are browser-based tools and pretty fast to load.


TravelPayouts Affiliate Program 17 Jun 2019, 3:15 am


Millions of people travel every day. We help them find airline tickets and make hotel reservations quickly, easily, and cost-effectively by using our powerful JetRadar and Hotellook services. You can cash in on it with our Affiliate Program.

Here is how it works.
1) You post a...

TravelPayouts Affiliate Program

Zoom and Blur Modal Nesting 17 Jun 2019, 1:15 am

Hi all,

Just trying to create a modal that zooms and blurs the background back. Based on avgrund by hakim

I extended it to get several modals to work.

See fiddle:

Could anyone please help to get nested multiple modals to again zoom and blur everything further again on popup?


Now what is your idea about backlinks? 17 Jun 2019, 1:09 am

What is your opinion about backlinks for getting a rank from google,is backlinks still useful for SEO?

Swiper slider delay 17 Jun 2019, 12:59 am

Hello! Help put the delay between transitions in the Swiper slider.
The task is this, after pressing the button forwards, backwards or scrolling with the mouse, the slide should wait for example 3000ms, and only then change.

This is necessary for the animation to play.

Here is the slider:

Thank! (Domain Name) 17 Jun 2019, 12:50 am
Registered :
Price : $100 USD
Payment Method : Paypal
How To Buy This Domain Through DigitalPoint Forum

1. You must have an account at digitalpoint forum, if you don't have yet, just create one, it's free.
Register ->
2. click "domain info : (Beta)" at above this page, or you can just go to this link... (Domain Name)

Blog directory submission done manual 17 Jun 2019, 12:49 am


I am offering blog directory submissions for your product related websites , i am going to submit your site in right category and confirm each and every submissions done by experience webmasters

50 blog directory submissions at $10

payment methods: paypal
paypal ID:

please send link information after the payment

Designhost. Unlimited Hosting Pure SSD + Free Design Services = $0.99/Month! (Only now price) 16 Jun 2019, 9:05 pm

We are designer team, that expanding our services to webhosting
You just need to host with us
Build your Websites/Blogs/Apps & throw the design part to us, that expert at it

All below are free, all you have to do is just host with us
✔ Logo design worth $20
✔ Favicon design worth $10
✔ Instagram Improve Photos/Images worth $10
✔ Instagram Images From Text & Effects worth $10
✔ Instagram Grid Layouts worth $20

Designhost. Unlimited Hosting Pure SSD + Free Design Services = $0.99/Month! (Only now price)

A website that allows you to earn money from donations for vbloggers and Youtubers. [ 22.5k users ] 16 Jun 2019, 6:12 pm

The advantages of the site:
- the whole is written from scratch (PHP, JS, jQuery, CSS, MySQL) thanks to which VERY EASY you can develop it. The website code is secure, readable .. Despite 22.5k+ registered users, the service can be kept on a cheap server. (20usd / mo)
- simple and very effective cache system thanks to which everything works very quickly.
- Huge potential
- extended admin panel thanks to which we can log into user's accounts, run a newsletter, easily manage...

A website that allows you to earn money from donations for vbloggers and Youtubers. [ 22.5k users ]

How can non FB person leave a review on my business page? 16 Jun 2019, 5:39 pm

How can a person without a Facebook page leave a review on my business page? They've tried but are asked to logon or create a page when they try.

Drop shipping dilemma. 16 Jun 2019, 5:30 pm

Good morning everyone, my name is Lee Duva. This is my first time on this site. And this also my first post. I'm in a bit of a dilemma. when it comes to dropping shipping, I'm not exactly new to it. But I don't think not to experience. You see, last year I brought a dropshipping website, called Sextoyman at Flippa. The site was already done. I didn't have to do much but to advertise it, and occasionally pay someone to fix, and update the theme.

After feeling confident, and wanted to...

Drop shipping dilemma.

Can someone help to create a Mighty Networks based community 16 Jun 2019, 5:14 pm


I am looking for someone who has worked on a Community portal using Mighty Networks and also integrate with their Mobile APP

Instagram blocked me to follow people a week!! 16 Jun 2019, 5:11 pm

I am blocked to follow new users on Instagram, and this is already a hard week.

I was gaining new followers, following and failing to follow. But it seems that I have exceeded the limits.

Have you done this and had this block? How do you want it solved? 16 Jun 2019, 2:59 pm

This domain is perfect for betting tips and making money with betting affiliates.

In Namecheap valid till Nov 25, 2019 16 Jun 2019, 2:58 pm

This domain is perfect for forex trading analysis and making money with forex brokers affiliates.

In Namecheap valid till Nov 25, 2019 16 Jun 2019, 2:58 pm

Good name for domain about rebates and promotions

In Namecheap valid till Nov 28, 2019

Problem with mod_deflate - compressing executable file 16 Jun 2019, 2:50 pm

When trying to download file with .EXE extension in the site, the files are coming as .GZ Environment
Centos 7 64
Apache 2.4.6

Changing the file in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf I've already tried using each of these methods below, however, to no avail (I restarted apache and deleted the browser cache on each attempt):

1: SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI .exe$ no-gzip dont-vary

2: SetEnv no-gzip 1

3: SetEnv mod_deflate off

4: SetEnv no-gzip off

5: In...

Problem with mod_deflate - compressing executable file

EssayPro - Affiliate Program for Educational Traffic! Earn up to 50% pre an order! 16 Jun 2019, 12:07 pm

We would like to invite you to join the EssayPro Affiliate Program and get the best commission rates on the market!

What is making it unique?
Service works as a freelance platform. The visitor enters the site, fills out the order form. Writers evaluate the work and offer their services. The client chooses the writer, appoints him responsible for his order and makes payment.The writer works on the order and loads it. If the work...

EssayPro - Affiliate Program for Educational Traffic! Earn up to 50% pre an order!

$80 logo re-draw and re-design: 16 Jun 2019, 12:05 pm

Hello, I would like an existing logo to be re-drawn (vectorised) and I would also like to see some design variations on this logo.

The contest will run for 48 hours. One 12 hour extension is possible if we don’t have enough entries.

The winner will be paid $80 dollars via Paypal.

Full contest details are contained here in this link:

Need Article Re-Writing Service 16 Jun 2019, 10:57 am

Hi, I am looking to rewrite some content which comes default with the page. niche is SEO and has 4000 words in 20x articles. each 200 words.
content are pretty generic SEO topics.

please PM me with the title "Article Rewriting SEO" and include a quote. need both price and turnaround.


Google Analytics alternative 16 Jun 2019, 10:47 am

I need Google Analytics alternative. Any idea?

Is Comment Luv Plug in still useful? 16 Jun 2019, 10:08 am

I have returned to blogging after a few years. One of my old favorite plug ins was Comment Luv. How many of you still use it and is it still useful?

Also, are there other must have plugins for a Word Press blog?

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