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Digital Point

World's largest marketing/webmaster community. Includes large collection of tools.

Steroids in Sports 15 Jul 2024, 4:26 pm

How do you feel about athletes who use steroids? I've been in the gym for about 5 years myself and I'm thinking of moving up to a more professional level and performing with athletes on the same stage

Tennis 15 Jul 2024, 4:24 pm

Are there tennis fans?

Boxing - Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk Undisputed May 18th in Saudi 15 Jul 2024, 4:22 pm

The time has come sports fans for the ultimate battle for the Heavyweight Undisputed Crown. 8 titles will be on the line. An exclusive Jacob and Co Undisputed Ring Of Fire will be given to the winner.

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk is going down in Saudi, May 18th - the wait is over, fast forward 25 years, we are about to witness history in the making. Will Oleksandr Usyk win? Will Tyson Fury win? Who you got winning and how?

Plan your fight party now. Make sure you double check the time...

Boxing - Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk Undisputed May 18th in Saudi

Boxing - Terence Crawford vs Israil Madrimov - August 3rd, Los Angeles + Excellent Undercard. 15 Jul 2024, 4:16 pm

August 3rd at the BMO Stadium in California, Los Angeles we got the return of the king fight fans. 'Bud' Crawford last fight was a brilliant display of boxing against Errol Spence Jr where we witnessed a classic beat down. Tickets are still available to buy so I highly recommend attending the fight. On the undercard we have Jared Anderson vs Martin Bakole, Andy Ruiz Jr vs Jarrell Miller, David Morrell vs Radivoje Kalajdzic and Isaac Cruz vs Jose Valenzuela. Fight will be shown on Epsn plus...

Boxing - Terence Crawford vs Israil Madrimov - August 3rd, Los Angeles + Excellent Undercard.

Auto classifieds - Logo Content 15 Jul 2024, 4:05 pm

Autodevil dot com is an innovative platform set to revolutionize the car classified industry in North America. We are looking for a unique, captivating logo that embodies our brand’s bold, edgy, and dynamic spirit. The logo should resonate with car enthusiasts, buyers, and sellers, conveying a sense of trust, excitement, and modernity.
Brand Identity:
Name: Autodevil dot com
Mission: To provide an exceptional marketplace experience for buying and selling cars, offering comprehensive features...

Auto classifieds - Logo Content

50.00 Logo Contest Home Builder 15 Jul 2024, 8:46 am

Name - Casa Tejas
Subtitle- Custom Home Builders

incorporate a home and the Texas Star into the logo

these are for luxury expensive homes, use a nice font -

red & blue for colors

50 PayPal to winner, 72 hours ending Friday at 1015 am EST. Do not wait to submit, owner is checking threads hourly, contest could end sooner if the winner is chosen. I will reply and give feedback to entries and let any designers know if they are in the lead.

Effective Strategies for Boosting SEO Rankings 15 Jul 2024, 6:51 am

Hello fellow SEO enthusiasts!

I'm eager to elevate the SEO performance of my website and would greatly appreciate your valuable insights and recommendations. Presently, my focus lies on enhancing rankings for [insert your specific target keywords or niche]. Here are some strategies I'm currently considering:

  1. Content Optimization: Ensuring that my content is not only of high quality but also relevant and well-optimized for targeted keywords.

  2. Technical SEO:...

Effective Strategies for Boosting SEO Rankings

2Index - fast indexing of website pages and backlinks 15 Jul 2024, 4:45 am

Hi all!

Introducing our new service that helps index internal website pages and backlinks in Google, Yandex and Bing -

The service is young, but we consider it very necessary and effective. Indexing stories by Twitter and LiveJournal have not been as effective, if at all, for quite some time.

We use completely white methods. Google Indexing API and IndexNow. You may ask - what’s new, these tools have existed for several years and are free. That's right. But to use them...

2Index - fast indexing of website pages and backlinks

Embracing AI in Content Marketing: A Human Approach 15 Jul 2024, 2:16 am

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into content creation is not just a trend, but a major shift in how we communicate and engage with our audiences. This shift raises an important question: How can we leverage AI to improve our content strategy while ensuring content remains relevant and human?

The rise of artificial intelligence tools in content marketing has brought significant efficiencies. Platforms using artificial intelligence...

Embracing AI in Content Marketing: A Human Approach

Your best SEO techniques?! 14 Jul 2024, 9:13 pm


What are your best seo techniques?
I use directory submission, search engine submission, and more.


My website what do you think? 14 Jul 2024, 8:02 pm

What do you think of my site?
I spent a lot of effort


$80 Sticker Design Contest 14 Jul 2024, 3:06 pm

Design Brief for New Chocolate Bar Flavors

Create a vibrant and visually appealing design for a new line of eight chocolate bar flavors: Pineapple, Passion Fruit,Tamarind, Mango, Papaya, Pomegranate, Coconut, and Guava. The design should reflect the tropical and exotic nature of the flavors while paying homage to the chocolate's origins in Anguilla and the Dominican Republic.

Art Size: 2.25 x 5.5 Inches ...

$80 Sticker Design Contest

How to improve customer's experience in the blue-collar world (Plumbing) 14 Jul 2024, 2:59 pm

In the blue-collar world, word of mouth is still king. The online space is monopolised by big branded companies that have been around for decades on decades. So you can see how difficult it is for the small blue-collared man to make his presence known digitally. One strategy I have found that has helped many is making DIY content for the intended customers. Despite the fact that it could take it away the need for the service being promoted, it did help build a rapport with new and existing...

How to improve customer's experience in the blue-collar world (Plumbing)

Writer With 7 Years Experience (2800+ Satisfied Customers) 14 Jul 2024, 2:05 pm

Looking for a "Quality Writing Service"? Your search ends here, with 7 years’ experience in "Writing Industry", you will get 100% original, grammatical error free, high quality articles from our side. Tell us your requirement and budget and we will prepare a package for you.

We have a team of great in-house writers, who can write on almost every topic of your need.

What you expect from us?

  • Quality service (100% original, grammatical error free, high...

Writer With 7 Years Experience (2800+ Satisfied Customers)

Built a pre-render tool to help with search engine bots indexing 14 Jul 2024, 9:59 am

Hi all,

I was facing a lot of indexing problems with my MeteorJs/ReactJs app. I used PrerenderIO in the past but was really disappointed with the price and the quality of the cached pages. So, I built my own tool,

Please try it out, test it, and provide any feedback. It would be greatly appreciated!

Bulk edit Variations and Display - WooCommerce 14 Jul 2024, 9:07 am


I run a t-shirt website using WooCommerce.
I would like to
1. Add new sizes in all t-shirts. I have 100+ tshirts and adding variations manually to all products is a task.
2. Change Swatch settings in all products.


With the rise of technologies like AR, how are furniture stores adapting? 14 Jul 2024, 8:17 am

Hello everyone,
I’ve been closely following the developments in the furniture e-commerce industry and recently conducted a detailed furniture e-commerce industry analysis on how technology is transforming the sector. One of the most significant shifts I've observed is the increasing adoption of AR.
I’m curious to hear your thoughts and experiences. How do you see AR changing the way we shop for furniture? Have you used any AR features while shopping for furniture, and if so, how was your...

With the rise of technologies like AR, how are furniture stores adapting?

$200 - Logo/Icon Design Contest (PayPal) 14 Jul 2024, 8:16 am

Hi all,
We are looking for an incredible, modern, AI company logo.

The company is called (though the current logo/branding is on, please use these colors). MythIQ is the place where you can create AI life, and watch that life live, love, and grow over time.

Company Name and tagline: mythiq, Create Life
Logo Format Vector
Duration : 48 Hours
Payment : PayPal
Amount : $200 (Runner Up will receive $50)

Thank you.

Recommend a Best | Highest Affiliate Program that really pay?!!! 14 Jul 2024, 7:47 am

Hi. I am looking for the Highest Affiliate Program that really pay?
And that i even got earn by promoting it via my referral.
Anyone can recommend a good one? As i am planning to promote it on my website.

list of affiliate networks? 14 Jul 2024, 7:09 am

where can i find reliable list of affiliate networks, which have great referal programs and offer lifetime earnings without fake promises.

Good places to sell websites and domains 13 Jul 2024, 12:36 pm

I have a couple of very nice niche websites for sale, one is a forum with thousands of pages and images of good content, not the usual junk. I also have a large number of excellent domains (.com primarily, some .net and .org) which number about 300 that I'm looking to sell, doesn't have to be all at once.

Now this is a good place, of course. But it's difficult to gauge whether the crowd is interested in some of these and not others. Some sites are great for one thing but not for others. So...

Good places to sell websites and domains

Flight Campaign PPC 13 Jul 2024, 7:56 am

Hello you wonderful and intelligent people that make up this forum. I sincerely hope everything is going well for you.

I am kindly wanting to create a PPC campaign for a flight campaign such as Momondo. In which you are paid for each flight search and click out to a partner hotel site. I please wondered if it would be best to direct the PPC campaign direct to Momondo or to a separate landing page first please? Lastly how would i go about finding relevant keywords, that would convert for the...

Flight Campaign PPC

I am looking for a reputable and easy-to-join CPA affiliate network. 13 Jul 2024, 7:43 am

I have a list of 50,000 potential emails that I can leverage to promote offers in the Financial Services and Personal Loan sectors, and I need suggestions for networks with direct offers, high conversion rates, and generous payouts to run campaigns. I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Programming Services - MAKE IT WORK, MAKE IT RIGHT, MAKE IT FAST 12 Jul 2024, 7:16 pm


We are offering web/desktop programming services to create smart solutions, we make your idea comes true.
What we offer:​
    Design, build, support, and evolve all types of web-based solutions.
  • Desktop Application Development
    A piece of software capable of running offline. user-friendly, stable, and responsive, it also...


$44 logo contest 12 Jul 2024, 1:59 pm

Dear all,

I'm increasing the budget of the previous contest once the deadline is ended and I didn't find a winner entry.
Previous contest:

So now, I've changed the strategy in order to create a different style.

I need a luxury style to the "infoproduto" brand.

You should be inspired on the dragon below to create a emblem in "P" dragon format, like this:...

$44 logo contest

Push.House - high-quality push traffic [Official Thread] 12 Jul 2024, 10:13 am


Push.House is an advertising network that cares about your profit and high ROI!

It also presents accurate and unique tools for working with traffic to all its users, namely:

➡️ -Two popular formats for working with push traffic (In-Page push, Classic Push).
➡️ - Over 15 tools for your campaigns.
➡️ - Black/ White lists (by IP, by site ID).
➡️ - Only unique clicks.
➡️ - Referral system up to 3%.
➡️ - Internal Spy service with...

Push.House - high-quality push traffic [Official Thread]

I have created online marketplace. Please review the design 12 Jul 2024, 7:58 am

I am starting a online store after quitting my job. Please review it and i will appreciate for any suggestions regarding the design, structure etc. that i can work to improve the performance of website. My priority product is Mobile phone Charging Holder.

Scale up your business with ad network Mondiad [Official Thread] 12 Jul 2024, 7:22 am


Hey everyone,

If you are in need of high-quality, niched traffic, at fair prices or if you are looking to monetize your website, you can count on Mondiad!

Our story in the advertising industry started with the popunder network PopCash, over 10 years ago. Since we wanted to scale up our experience and bring it to a new level, we launched Mondiad, a multiformat ad network serving traffic across all countries, devices, and verticals. We...

Scale up your business with ad network Mondiad [Official Thread]

Logging out a user question 12 Jul 2024, 2:35 am

What are some pros and cons of logging out a user from one browser if they log into the same account in another browser? How common is it?

$50 Logo for Local Organization 11 Jul 2024, 8:15 pm

Hello All!

I am needing a logo designed for a local organization.

Below are the requirements:
Colors must look good on Light & Dark Backgrounds
Incorporate the Florida Flag or Florida State outline in some fashion.
Must use original artwork
All fonts, layers, and formats must be submitted upon winner selection. (i.e. EPS, AI, PSD, etc.)

Logo should be unique, professional, and eye catching.

Attached is a quick draft of the style they are after, hopefully it gets some good ideas...

$50 Logo for Local Organization

Do you suggest to stay on a MariaDB while developer is using MySQL? 11 Jul 2024, 2:49 pm

Script developer has on their repository a MySQL 5.x support. When I have told him that I am having MariaDB (I am not aware a bout any issue of my website), the developer told me:

Yet Oracle people says that MariaDB is "diverging more and more" and the process to migrate will be more complicated.

My new control panel (Virtualmin) default DB server is MariaDB...

Do you suggest to stay on a MariaDB while developer is using MySQL?

Monetize ad network: Enhance your profits with us 11 Jul 2024, 10:26 am

Hello Webmasters!

Are you looking for monetization of your site or maybe you want to increase your website's revenue? At Monetize we are working by CPM/CPC buying models and specialize in providing tailored monetization solutions that deliver results. Here's what we offer:
  • competitive rates (CPM/CPC) with possibility to set your own prices for each advertising format and geo
  • prompt payments and dedicated support
  • free advertising management system, where you can access...

Monetize ad network: Enhance your profits with us

Bing Index Ban 11 Jul 2024, 8:14 am

hi everyone

since when does bing ban sites that don't have enough (actually this crappy search engine just can't find) backlinks?

at first everything was fine with the site. at least it was displayed in the index, although not all of it. then an error appeared.

"Inadequate inbound links from high quality domains".

and my site was simply removed from the index, except for a couple of pictures, which can only be found through "site:domain.tld".

my domain is registered recently, so why the...

Bing Index Ban

Google Analytics 4 Real-time Reports not showing any data 11 Jul 2024, 8:11 am

I've tried a few things to troubleshoot, but I'm stuck. Can anyone help?

Here's what I've checked so far:
  • Internal/developer filters are inactive (Admin > Data settings > Data filters).
  • Google Analytics 4 is installed correctly (verified with GTM).
  • No opt-out extensions or ad blockers interfere (checked extensions and disabled temporarily).
  • I'm looking at the correct GA4 property (verified Measurement ID).
  • Not using a VPN that blocks GA (tested with VPN...

Google Analytics 4 Real-time Reports not showing any data

Professional Graphic Design & Illustration services at low cost..+92 Itraders.. 11 Jul 2024, 7:13 am


Skype: ems1912
Discord: Erum#9327

Why do most popular adnetworks prefer to charge CPC or CPM, instead of CPA? 11 Jul 2024, 5:54 am

I can't speak for specific networks as that is a broader strategy decision they have specifically made to position themselves in the market.
That said, we need to have a bit of a history lesson.

It kind of all started when Google decided to introduce this little model called CPC or Cost Per Click. The reason they did it was because advertisers were sick of paying for wasted impressions and wanted something a bit more performance oriented to mitigate some of their risk.

Risk is an important...

Why do most popular adnetworks prefer to charge CPC or CPM, instead of CPA?

How does the browser set a scaled font size? 10 Jul 2024, 1:23 pm

CSS allows us to set font sizes using 1 value.
If I scale an element with text in it the text will stretch vertically and/or horizontally to match the new scale.
I can scale an element vertically ( = '1 2') and the font will stretch vertically so the text is very tall.

How can I make CSS cause the font to do that without scaling the element?
How can I convert scaled fonts to CSS font size properties?

How can I make the dimensions of a scaled element permanent? 10 Jul 2024, 1:20 pm

I'm trying to make the dimensions of a scaled element and all its children permanent.

When I do what is below the element's dimensions change dramatically, not the same as the scaled element.

How can I fix this?

function scaleElement(elScale, elCntnr, b4RptBldrBlk) {
   var pos1 = 0, pos2 = 0, pos3 = 0, pos4 = 0, elCtrl, rctCntnr = null, cntnrWidth, sttWidth, sttHeight;
   if (typeof elScale == 'string' || elScale instanceof String) elScale = document.getElementById(elScale);...
Code (markup):
How can I make the dimensions of a scaled element permanent?

Want To Start a Business... Need Suggestions! 10 Jul 2024, 10:15 am

Hello everyone,

I want to start a business in Jaipur, Rajasthan. India. If you have any idea about what I can start please suggest. I have good knowledge about content writing, Wordpress development, SEO etc.


Structured Procrastination 10 Jul 2024, 9:41 am

Has anyone heard of Structured Procrastination? A Stanford philosophy professor named John Perry developed the idea. It seems like it started as a joke, but I think there's something to it.

Structured Procrastination

How artificial intelligence is transforming business all around the world? 10 Jul 2024, 5:15 am

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming decision-making, efficiency, and customer experiences in organisations all around the world. Businesses use AI to automate repetitive processes so that staff members can concentrate on more strategic work. Better decision-making is facilitated by AI-driven analytics, and user data is used by machine learning algorithms to enhance products and services.

For instance, artificial intelligence development company are at the forefront of this...

How artificial intelligence is transforming business all around the world?

Can google ban me for selling Google Ads Accounts if buyer runs abusive ads on them? 10 Jul 2024, 4:49 am

I have a good offer to sell a lot of my old, currently unused google ads accounts. What if buyer will run abusive ads on them? Can Google somehow punish me for selling them? Have you seen something like that?

Adsterra Network - Monetize and Advertise effectively! [Official Thread] 10 Jul 2024, 4:36 am

Adsterra is a friendly and flexible advertising network, a perfect Adsense alternative, serving over 30 billion ad impressions worldwide per month. It works with 12K+ direct publishers and 8K+ brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks.

The ad network offers multiple ad formats: Popunder, Display Banner, Native Banner, Webpush, VAST/VPAID (pre-roll), and a super native and engaging Social Bar (make sure to...

Adsterra Network - Monetize and Advertise effectively! [Official Thread]

Which CPA affiliate networks have contributed to your success? 10 Jul 2024, 3:03 am

Perhaps many people, like myself, have had negative experiences with some popular networks worldwide. Therefore, I am quite cautious when choosing networks to run my campaigns, especially when those campaigns generate significant revenue. Could you share the names of Affiliate networks that people highly appreciate and trust working with in order to help each other grow? I highly value your sharing.

Why DigitalPoint is Dead? 10 Jul 2024, 2:32 am

This forum used to be soo much fun. I saw it today its dead :(
What happened? :(

How to Smooth Wrinkles on Clothes and Fabric in Photoshop 10 Jul 2024, 2:17 am

The tutorial on wrinkle smoothing in Photoshop is a goldmine of information, offering detailed steps for three effective methods. It's a great resource for improving the aesthetic appeal of fabric in product photographs.

Best Practices for Email Marketing in Digital Marketing 9 Jul 2024, 10:28 am

I'm interested in learning more about best practices for email marketing as part of a digital marketing strategy. What are some tips for creating compelling email content that really engages recipients? How do you ensure your emails don't end up in the spam folder? I'd love to hear about the techniques and tools others use to track the success of their email campaigns. Let's discuss!

Should i disallow incoming traffic even there is no service to process it? 9 Jul 2024, 5:43 am


If on a Linux server is running only two publicly available services, lets say an Apache web server and a SSH server, is it still important for denial of service attacks mitigation to still disallow all traffic that does not match these two services even there are no other public facing services? Or it does not matter? Can you shortly explain why it matter or why not?

Maybe in my layman point of view I am forgetting that Linux has more services/apps which can be affected by...

Should i disallow incoming traffic even there is no service to process it?

Data entry work needed 9 Jul 2024, 12:47 am


I can do do data entry . Please message me if you have any work. Fee per hour starts from $2.


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