As you contemplate leaving behind the long days of summer, consider the value of adopting resolutions for the fall. If you have been putting off changes in your personal lifestyle during the first part of this year, the fall season represents your time to put things in order and get back on track. You don’t have to wait until January to improve your personal habits. Here are three fall resolutions to consider.

  1. Start a regular exercise plan. Perhaps exercising is not the way you want to enjoy the beautiful fall weather, but this great time of year is the perfect time to explore your community. Visualize the benefits of cycling, walking, hiking, rowing, and jogging. Be active while you enjoy the beautiful color changes of fall.
  2. Make a plan for professional development. If you are not satisfied with your career, a professional development plan will help you layout steps toward advancing your career. Whether you need to go back to school or start searching for a job that fits your career goals, professional development is the key to overcoming your career complaints
  3. Work on your relationship. Every relationship can improve, and the improvements begin with your examination of your own communication style. Make a resolution to treat a loved one or friend better. How will you consistently respect his or her feelings? For example, you can make a change in how you communicate or act in bad situations When you work on the relationship, you can expect some kind of response from the other party. If you don’t get the response you expect, it is time to rethink the relationship or your approach to improved interactions.

The fall is an ideal time to make decisions and implement them for your own benefit. Becoming a better person is selfish in some ways, but it pays off in other areas of life, including home and work relationships. Develop at least one fall resolution and stick to it!

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