Las Vegas is renowned as the city of lights, but according to a recent survey, it is also the city of love. Travel Lens experts recently conducted a study in which they named the top 10 romantic cities in the country.

According to the search results, Las Vegas was ranked fifth, with a ‘romantic city score’ of 8.12/10.

To obtain the results, researchers considered characteristics such as the number of fine dining restaurants, romantic hotels, couples activities, and searches for date ideas.

New York City came out on top with a romantic score of 9.19, followed by Miami, Minneapolis, and Portland.

A Romantic Treatment

There are plenty of things to do while on a Las Vegas romantic trip, whether you want to explore the gorgeous casinos or you are more concerned with consummating the whole marriage deal. Aside from the various casinos that can be found in Las Vegas, there are also extremely popular hotels and accommodations that can provide you with nearly everything from sparkling champagne to wonderful riverfront activities at a very reasonable price.

Chances are, though, that you won’t be concerned about the money you spend on a Las Vegas romantic holiday, and this is because there isn’t much time to do so. Who can place a price tag on the romantic adventures you can live with the love of your life while you are on some of the most perilous rides in Las Vegas or when you swoon her with chocolates and a river serenade?

If you’re looking for rock-solid romantic vacations in Las Vegas, there are plenty of choices to enjoy not just the packages available at the numerous hotels, but also the royal service that you’ll experience when staying at any of these places. They will treat you like a king and queen for the duration of your stay. Here are two vacation options that will make your stay in Las Vegas one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

The Venetian Las Vegas

Step into a different world at The Venetian Las Vegas, where beautiful detail and a charming Italian vibe await you on your dream Las Vegas honeymoon. The Venetian emanates elegance and excitement in a perfect combination of luxury and fun. The breathtaking Grand Colonnade Lobby transports you to Renaissance Italy and oozes exquisite detail making it an ideal location for a really romantic city vacation.

The Venetian Hotel offers specially created romantic packages to help the honeymoon couple pick what to do with their time. It also has a lot of resources for nearly all the romance that you could ever want. Furthermore, room service is always available for couples who do not want to leave their room. Whatever romance packages you choose at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the prices for romance and romantic getaway packages are extremely affordable, which is another reason why the Venetian Hotel, with its over 4,000 rooms, is home to many honeymoon couples who choose to visit Las Vegas for their romantic getaway!

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas, with over 2900 rooms, represents everything you love about Paris, right in the center of the Las Vegas Strip. It only takes one night to understand that everything is sexier in Paris, and so it will be your romantic vacation. The entertainment, and romance in Paris Las Vegas are unrivaled. There are many romantic activities to do, such as being entertained at the Le Cabaret Show Lounge, as well as going to jazz and other entertainment performances and dance scenes!

These are only two of the romantic retreats accessible in the City of Las Vegas. Other popular romantic hotels include the Bellagio and the Mirage, to name a few. There’s no doubt that the amorous couple will have no hard time finding romantic activities to do while in Las Vegas!

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