Anyone can create a new product and sell it online. But, the difference between success and failure in your selling will depend on your promotion strategy. The better your strategy, the more sales that you will get. Here are 5 ways to sell your new product online and start making money immediately:

1. Use Pay-What-You-Want Pricing Strategy

The pay what you want pricing strategy will allow your audience to set the price for your product. They can either get the product for free, or they can pay any amount that they wish. Why is this pricing strategy effective in helping you to generate sales for your product? That’s because this gives people freedom to assess the value of your product, and pay accordingly. This will in turn motivate people to at least get the product for free and thus expand your product distribution quickly.

2. Distribute The Free Version Of Your Product

Take a few elements of your product and make a free version out of it. Then, you can give away the free version of your product and let people to evaluate it. If they like it, they can purchase it. If they don’t, they don’t need to do any further action. You will also ask for your audience’s name and email address in exchange for your free product, so that you can put them in your mailing list and give them promotional emails later.

3. Create An Affiliate Marketing Program

By creating an affiliate marketing program, you are able to attract a group of professional affiliates to promote your product. Since they are professional affiliates, you don’t need to worry about the sales that they will bring to you. They already have established audience and tools in place to promote your product, so you can almost guarantee that they will promote your product successfully. However, you have to give enticing rewards for your affiliates as well as ensure that your product has high quality.

4. Create a Sales Page

You can also try to sell your product for yourself by creating a sales page for it. The sales page will be your tool to promote your product 24/7 for your online audience. You will write persuasive copy in your sales page and pitch your product there. Then, you can pick any payment processing service that you want, such as Clickbank, 2CO, e-junkie, and so on, in order to process the sales of your product. Once you’ve created your sales page, you can promote your sales page in order to start earning money from your product sales.

5. Create a Resourceful Website

Another way to sell your product is to create a resourceful website and promote your product there. In this website, you will write many articles related to your niche, and build your expert status within your niche. This will help you to build good reputation and make people want to buy your product. Additionally, you can also create a blog and a forum community in your website to expand your promotion channel.

So, if you have a new product and want to start selling it immediately, you can follow the tips above. Just pick one method that interests you, and start selling your product immediately.

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