The failure to reach goals can’t be entirely blamed on a lack of resolve. Picking yourself up by the bootstraps, and reading self-help books and inspirational videos can help to keep you motivated. But the lack of progress so many people experience often has its routes in their adopted lifestyle. If you hope to achieve any measure of success, you need to look at how you run your life and make corrections that bring more of the success you desire.

Some relationships can never work. And staying in them increases misery. While you can avoid saying friends to keep you from getting depressed, it’s harder to end an intimate relationship. If you are in such a relationship that is dragging you down, you may need to end it after you’ve tried everything else.

Everyone wants to belong to some group, church, or association. And millions readily accept what society projects as “normal”. But being “normal” can keep you from being the success you are meant to be. Media advertising is effective in convincing the consumer what success is measured by. How much material wealth you possess does not mean you are successful. Unfortunately, the “follow the herd” mentality produces more failures than those who question society’s definition of success and happiness and act on what they believe to be correct.

For some, procrastination is a chronic activity. Fear of making mistakes, and fear of an unknown future hold people immobile. Life never guarantees a 100X success rate. At some point, you need to simply act, no matter how much information you’ve acquired to make a decision. Corporate executives must make decisions every day, even though their decisions could impact the bottom line of their company. But fear does not keep them from taking action once they have established a reasonable assurance of success.

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