Clever bluffing is a good strategy for tackling the game of Texas Hold’Em poker. Have you learned to perfect the art of bluffing yet?

One cannot be a master of the Texas Hold’em game unless he knows how to bluff the opposition or make a perfect reading of the opponent’s attack. Here are a few handy tips that will help you in nurturing the art of bluffing, both offline and online.

Body Language Is A Vital Clue

You may have noticed that expert players look very calm and relaxed in their playing seats, with an ideal body language for all sorts of situations. Sit upright even if you don’t have a strong hand. This will send out warning signals to your opponent, and he might end up making some mistakes.

Beware Of Any Distraction

Concentration is an important part of playing the game of Texas Hold’em. If you are chatting to a player midway, snacking chips, or watching TV, you are not really bluffing your opponent. This usually happens to beginner-level of players.

Pitch Of Your Voice Says A Lot

Confidence in the voice is something very hard to control, especially if you are locked in a situation. If you are speaking in a voice higher than normal, it is an indication of a strong hand. On the flip part, an unnaturally low voice can be suspicious at times. You need to make sure your emotions don’t come out as it is. It’s more about deceiving the other person!

Blinking Of Eyes

Eyes tell a story about how strong your hands are for a particular situation. Pupil dilation is something very hard to control, and brown eyes are a nightmare. Noticing the act of bluffing is slightly difficult, but there are still a few ways to get through it!

Auto-Raising Function Tells A Lot

Auto-Raising on the flop is a clear indicator of a weak and marginal hand. On the other hand, if the player has set auto-raise just before the flop, there is a good chance of his hands being strong. This is generally applicable to normal players. There is a little advantage in bluffing this.

Make Use Of The Time Zone Difference

People are more prone to silly mistakes either in the early hours of the morning, or wee hours of the night, usually when they are tired or drunk. Say if you are sitting in San Francisco, play with someone in Europe at around 7-8 PM your time, just to take that advantage. Make the time zone difference play to your benefit.

Show Your Patience

Even if you are not watching the player in front of your eyes, a few actions can tell whether you or your opponent is impatient with his/her actions or not. If someone joining the table doesn’t have the patience to wait for the big blind, you can say he’s going to play with equal edginess.

Don’t Care About The Chatbox

If words offend you too quickly, the chat box comments can be a good bluff for your opponent. This is always followed by bad losses and silly decision-making. Get into the nerves of your opposition, but don’t let yourself sink in.

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