Riding a bicycle is a great way to stay in shape, and a perfect way to see the world as well. The world just looks different from a bike, and taking a long bicycle journey is a great way to clear your head and enjoy some fresh air.

As with everything, however, it is important to prepare properly for your long journey. It is of course important to make sure that your body and your mind are both ready for the demands of those long hours on the road. In the months leading up to your long bicycle journey it is important to put as many miles on your body and your bike as you can. This will help you build up the stamina you will need to not only survive but enjoy those long miles on the bike. Spending as much time as possible on your bike is the single best way to prepare for your journey.

Of course, it is just as important to make sure your bike is up to the journey. A multi-day bicycle trip is quite different from a quick jaunt around town, so it is important to have your bike thoroughly inspected before you hit the open road. Take your bike to your favorite shop and have all of the systems checked out, including the brakes, the tires, and the suspension system. Making sure your bike is in tip-top condition is the best way to make sure nothing goes wrong on the big ride.

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