The refurbished laptop is a logical option for consumers without the financial capacity to purchase a brand-new laptop. A cheap, used laptop upgraded with new hardware and software features also suits consumers committed to reusing electronics. This article explains how a laptop computer becomes a great buy for computer users.

Manufacturers may perform the laptop refurbishing and then distribute these products through wholesalers and retailers. Individuals or companies with technical skills might also buy old laptops and fix them up for sale through their online marketplace. Refurbishing a laptop requires a moderate knowledge of installing software and troubleshooting hardware problems.

In the refurbishing process, the technician views the laptop as a product that must benefit a contemporary computer user. The technician’s objective concerns removing all software programs and reformatting the hard drive with the most current software versions, including a desktop suite like Microsoft Office 2010 and an operating system like Microsoft Windows 8. The number of software programs and how expensive they are may influence the price of the refurbished laptop. Buyers should consider purchasing a laptop with an unrecognizable brand name with caution.

Another aspect of refurbishing computers is checking that all parts operate properly. For example, the computer technician checks hardware components, including the built-in mouse (or pointing device), the monitor, the keyboard, the power cord, the battery, the speakers, the USB ports, the CD-ROM drive, and the DVD-R drive. The technician may also upgrade the hard drive with new graphics and sound cards, download the latest drivers from the laptop manufacturer’s website, and add more memory.

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