As you travel through life, you revel in days, weeks, and months of incredible happiness. If you could find a way to duplicate that happy frequency when life is dull or sad, think how rich your life might be!

Oscar Levant once said, “Happiness isn’t something you experience; it’s something you remember.

One approach to fostering happiness involves reflection. Think about common elements of your life right when you were happy. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Your reflection simply leads to understanding how to make similar choices. By keeping in touch with intuition and other aspects of self, you create conditions to enjoy life. This year is a great time to continually reflect upon the following questions:

What are the conditions in your inner self that create happy times?

What is your formula for personal happiness?

Most of the answers to these questions are very personal. You can’t read a how-to guide for what makes you happy. On a positive note, you can learn how to steer your thinking in the right direction. The following insights might help you in self-discovery (because you can increase your happy frequency).

The Road Map

Right before you become blissfully happy, there are road signs telling you good times are coming. When you reflect on happy memories, recall the road signs. What decisions were you making? Which people did you surround yourself with? How much time did you devote to things that made you content? Chances are that you found happiness after a really bad patch (like people often do) or you took great care of yourself. If you are experiencing hard times now, taking care of yourself mentally and physically and having fun can help you leave the rough patch behind.

Pieces of a Puzzle

Happy moments share a common climate, like the last few pieces of a puzzle falling into place. During your reflection, you might discover happy times often unfold gradually. Happiness doesn’t always crop up out of the blue.

Did you know that following your instincts had something to do with it? When you listen to that little voice inside you that reveals beneficial choices, your life goes down the right path. When you get to the culmination of good choices, you feel great.

Right Back Where You Started

Another insight concerns the cycle of life. Don’t you love it when you find happiness in the same place twice? Sometimes when you find yourself back in a place where a beginning occurred, you discover new joy.

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