If your heavy backpack is making school a pain, maybe it’s time to clear out some of the things inside. Research shows that carrying a load of more than 20% of your body weight can cause moderate to severe back pain.

How can you lighten the load? Here’re some steps to an organized, lighter backpack.

What Is A Backpack?

Contrary to common belief, a backpack is not a way to carry everything you might need if your favorite pop star asks you to elope. A backpack is a bag used to transport things from your house to school/your locker and back again.

A backpack should carry the things you need all the time (keys, wallet, schedule book, cell phone), and the things you need for a class that day (textbooks, homework).

Minimizing—When More Is Not Better

Pens, paper, notebooks, and other school supplies can get pretty heavy. But is it really necessary to bring so much? Maybe you don’t need three pencils, or sparkling pens you never use. Maybe you can bring half a pack of paper instead of a full pack. Or perhaps you can use the same notebook for two classes, one set of notes starting from the front, and one set in the back. A little less here and there adds up to a lot.

You Do Have A Locker, You Know

A lot of things can actually be placed in your locker instead of carried on your back. Get a bag and put your daily stationery needs (pens, notepaper, Post-its, stapler, etc.) inside. Grab the bag from your locker every morning, and put it back at the end of the day. Just be careful not to dump your cell phone or wallet inside!

If it’s possible (and fairly cheap) to get copies of your textbooks, it’s a good idea to get a set of textbooks to put in your locker so you don’t have to lug a bunch of books around.

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