“They do not represent proof that aliens are among us, but neither that they are the result of technologies from foreign countries”

This is what we read in the report released by the Pentagon and delivered to the White House some time ago. The conclusions could generate further conjectures because, even if we speak of “largely insufficient evidence”, the presence of aliens is neither confirmed nor excluded. In short, the US government still does not have a clear explanation regarding the numerous suspicious UFO sightings recorded in more than twenty years.

In twenty-one reports of “unknown phenomena”, the Director of American Intelligence speaks of “18 episodes in which technological capabilities unknown to the United States emerge”: objects that move at extraordinary speed and with accelerations believed to go beyond the potential also of countries like Russia or China. The data collected have not been deemed sufficient though to provide a solid opinion on the phenomenon, in one sense or another.

The intelligence appears reluctant to admit the presence of UFOs to the point that it has chosen to call the “unidentified objects” UAP, that is “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”. The difference in terms does not fill the doubts.

A few days ago, the United States Congress discussed, for the first time in its history, the existence and characteristics of UAPs. The meeting was particularly awaited for: it was attended by a subcommittee of the Intelligence Committee of the Washington Chamber of Deputies, the Deputy Director of the Secret Service of the Navy Scott Bray, and the Chief of Intelligence of the Pentagon Ronald Moultrie. The summit put the so-called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena at the center of attention. One thing we can tell for sure: during the discussion at Capital Hill, they certainly remained true to their definition: unidentified and largely unexplained.

It is an established fact that there have been hundreds of sightings, but what emerged during the hearing in the US Congress?

As part of a larger study project on UAPs, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena was financed directly with funds from the US budget. The two senior state officials gave a report of the situation.

No aliens or extraterrestrial life were mentioned, but there was the definite admission that there have been hundreds of sightings of unidentified flying objects by members of the Air Force and crews of large warships, who today, unlikely from the past, are encouraged to tell if they notice strange aircraft in the sky. The problem is posed in the context of the security of American airspace: the authorities are worried about possible incursions by foreign high-tech aircraft, such as drones and hypersonic aircraft.

It was also acknowledged that more insights are needed. The testimonies of some fighter pilots are more worrisome. The authorities are interested in investigating the issue of airspace security, but since these are issues of a military nature it is very sensitive information. For this reason, part of the hearing was not open to the public but remained confidential. The main concern of members of Congress is that some countries hostile to the United States may have very advanced military technologies. One of the speakers admitted that 11 episodes of “near misses” have recently been ascertained: some Air Force pilots found themselves at a very short distance with mysterious flying objects, which then quickly disappeared. Of course, it is in the United States’ best interest to investigate the nature of these sightings, as they can in some cases jeopardize the navigation of warplanes.

Can’t wait to see what future investigations will discover.

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