Everyone loves the Christmas season. There are Christmas parties to attend, presents to buy, and mounds of good food and drink to consume. While the twelve days of Christmas may be merry, few people enjoy the endless bills that show up just in time for President’s day. This year, instead of draining all of the cheer from your holiday cup, try these creative strategies to beat the bills and trim your budget.

Tip One: Rip the Wrap and Use a Santa Sack

Wrapping paper looks pretty, but it’s expensive. The costs skyrocket if you also factor in the bows, embellishments, tape, and name tags. That’s a lot of greenbacks spent on paper and bows that are torn off and tossed into the fireplace before the hot coco gets cold.

This year, rip the wrap before you are ripped off. Instead, buy a couple of red laundry bags at the market and stuff presents inside. These new Santa’s Sacks cost less than roll upon roll of wrapping paper. They look cute under the tree, and they have the advantage of being reusable from year to year.

Tip Two: Coordinate Cookies

After looking for some Christmas recipes you have decided to make some cookies, but buying ingredients for twenty different types of cookies can quickly eat away at your pocketbook. This is especially true for ingredients that you don’t use every day, like walnuts or pecans. Yet it’s still nice to have a variety of treats to share with your holiday guests. To cut your costs, coordinate a cookie circle with your friends.

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