Due to its Caribbean waters, which have long been counted among the cleanest and richest in biodiversity in the world, Sardinia (Italian: Sardegna) occupies a place of honor in the heart of every traveler.

1. Cala Goloritzé

It is in the municipality of Baunei, south of the Gulf of Orosei, in the province of Nuoro. Here the sea and mountains meet in such a harmonious and evocative way that the beach of Cala Goloritzé – reachable only on foot or by boat and considered a “protected” national monument since 1995 – has been permanently included by TripAdvisor users in the top ten of the most beautiful beaches of Italy. To preserve it, access is regulated by an entrance ticket of six euros per person, including parking.

2. Cala dei Gabbiani

It is the natural continuation of the very popular Cala Mariolu, also on the Gulf of Orosei. With its crystalline water tinged with green and blue, its cliff smoothed by time, and a beach of white pebbles, Cala dei Gabbiani, like the other pearls of the Ogliastra coast, can be reached by sea, with private boats or tourist boats that depart from the ports of Cala Gonone, Arbatax and Santa Maria Navarrese.

3. Cala Cipolla

It is one of the pearls of the Chia bay, in the south of the island. The splendid Cala Cipolla, hidden among the hills, is instead embellished by a sea with changing shades, by a sandy bottom that remains low up to tens of meters from the shore, perfect for children, and by small rocks that gradually interrupt the uniformity of the waters. All around, the Mediterranean scrub as a frame.

Certainly, also the Elba island of the Tuscan archipelago is a marvelous pearl, surrounded as it is by its characteristic sea of a thousand shades.

4. Cavoli beach

It is renowned for its sand and particularly clear sea. It is one of the most popular beaches of Elba, blessed by a particularly favorable microclimate thanks to the proximity of Monte Capanne which shelters from the winds, thus making the beach usable for almost the whole year.

5. La Sorgente beach

It is also known as Acquavivetta and owes its name to a source of water located in a ditch not far away. Perfect water, sand, and gravel characterize this wonderful beach, which culminates with a panoramic path that leads to the nearby beach of Sansone, which in turn was included in the ranking of the most beautiful beaches in Europe in 2021, according to the ranking drawn up by Trip Advisor.

Those who visit Italy to enjoy the sea and the seascapes cannot fail to visit Apulia (Italian: Puglia), a beloved destination by tourists from all over the world, even favored by VIPs of the caliber of Bono Vox and Madonna. With its exhilarating mix of history, culture, paradisiacal beaches, and nightlife, this is the ideal destination for those who want to immerse themselves in a dream landscape without giving up on fun.

6. Baia delle Zagare or Baia dei Mergoli

It is one of the symbolic beaches of the Gargano, in the Vieste area. Characterized by high white cliffs and two limestone stacks sculpted by the wind, to access the beach you pass through a resort that rises above the cliff and connects it to the bay with a rock lift.

Finally, Campania, of which Johann Wolfang Goethe wrote:

From what is said, narrated, or painted, Naples surpasses everything: the shore, the bay, the gulf, the Vesuvius, the city, the nearby countryside, the castles, the walks … I apologize to all those to whom the view of Naples makes lose your senses!

7. Cauco beach

It is a beach of sand and gravel, unique for its crystalline sea and the sloping seabed towards the open sea. To reach it, it is necessary to arrive by sea, with pedal boats or boats. The closest town is Erchie, less than half an hour southwest of Salerno.

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