If you are having a hard time finding jobs even though you already passed hundreds of applications online, do not blame solely yourself or your resume. In fact, millions of job seekers are also having the same experience. Usually, companies took at least weeks or months just to process your application, depending on how urgent they need filler in the vacant position. One important key in finding jobs is patience. Instead of waiting for your one application to be confirmed, try to pass as many applications to different companies. To help you go through this, here are some effective strategies that will certainly be of help when seeking a job.

Strategy #1: Familiarize Yourself with Job Hunting Facts – to get you started, you should equip yourself with factual knowledge about how job hunting works in reality. Once you know these facts, it will eventually lessen your big expectations, resulting in a more practical approach. Here are some facts that you should know about:

  • 80% of jobs are not advertised – this is a really shocking fact, right? Classified ads, online posts, job finder sites, Craigslist, and other career opportunity websites are only showing around 20% of available jobs out there.
  • The 3-level process – in order to land a job, you need to be triumphant on three levels: your resume makes an impression, getting an interview, get hired.
  • Some companies are trying to look for solutions – usually, companies are advertising about a vacant position but end up not hiring anybody. This signifies that they discover another solution to address their problem than hiring a vacant spot.

Strategy #2: Have a Positive Mindset – research shows that optimistic candidates have a higher probability of getting hired even if they do not possess above-average qualifications. The reason behind this is that having a positive mindset from the very first step affects all succeeding stages in your job hunting. This includes word usage and tone in resume writing, the confidence level in interviews, and a stress-free body during job orientation. All of these will reflect in your body language and tone of voice actually. So before attempting to find jobs, be in your best frame.

Strategy #3: Look for Direct Referral – as stated earlier, thousands of candidates are roaming online just to get a single vacant position. One very effective job-hunting strategy is to look for direct referrals. They will definitely lead you to the right path, or if you get lucky, they will bring you right into level three (getting hired). Try to contact your relatives, friends, former colleagues, or employers, and attend field-related parties, conferences, and job fairs. These are some of the ways how you can get direct referrals.

These finding jobs strategies will not only place you above the competition but also hasten your application process, which eventually leads to getting hired!

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