I have just completed my tourism training at UCLA with the Los Angeles Travel Academy. I would like to share with you some useful hints and tips on choosing the perfect Los Angeles hotel for your vacation or business trip. There is a huge variety of Los Angeles hotels for you to choose from, depending on your preferences and location. If you are a family and traveling with small children, the hotels cater to your every need as well in that regard, with many facilities that will take care of the children so that you can relax and enjoy your stay.

The city is divided into five main areas: The Beach Cities, Westside, Hollywood, Neighboring Regions, and the Valleys. One of the beach cities is Santa Monica, which is a great place to base yourself if you are looking to relax on the beach during your stay. It is also home to the world-famous Santa Monica Pier, perfect for entertaining the children on the amusement rides and eating at one of the many restaurants or stalls that line the pier. It truly is a place where you could spend an entire evening. Third Street Promenade is another venue in Santa Monica that is worth a visit, especially if you enjoy shopping and good food, and who doesn’t? Many of the major US stores have branches on Third Street Promenade, as well as a vast variety of restaurants catering to every culinary preference.

Just a few minutes’ drive south, or a leisurely stroll, is the famous and bohemian Venice Beach. This has traditionally been the home of artists for many decades, and the main beach is lined with stalls selling everything you could possibly want. If you have spent too much time shopping and eating, then why not work out at the famous outdoor gym, otherwise known as muscle beach?

So if a relaxing beach holiday is what you are considering when looking at Los Angeles hotels, then Santa Monica and Venice is the perfect place to base yourself.

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