Mongolia may not be the first name that comes to mind when one thinks about vacation destinations, but maybe it should be. This unique country offers a rich history, friendly people, and a unique way of life. Lovers of the outdoors are sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and adventurous travelers will find plenty of unique experiences during their Mongolian holiday. From galloping on horseback across the steppes to camping in the great outdoors with a nomad family, visitors will find a wealth of activities and plenty of great things to see and do.

Once a communist country, Mongolia is now a thriving democracy. Since the fall of communism in the country, Mongolia has done a great job of opening up its wonders to the rest of the world. The country has reached out to its neighbors in the West and sought both economic and cultural ties with countries around the world.

Even though Mongolia is embracing the modem world, this rugged country with a rich history still holds tightly to its traditions. This focus on traditional culture and a different way of life are very attractive to ecologically minded travelers and adventure seekers, making Mongolia a favorite destination for eco-tourism.

Outdoor adventurers will find plenty of unique adventures in this rugged land. Mongolia is justifiably famous for its wealth of outdoor activities, including camping, horse trekking hiking, biking, and fishing. Mongolia is also renowned for its friendly people, including the many nomadic tribes who live in the countryside. These friendly nomads are eager to share their ways with visitors, and many who have traveled to this unique country have come home with fond memories of the land and its people.

Practical Considerations

Mongolia is a relatively low-cost travel destination, but visitors will still need to budget enough money for a comfortable stay and plenty of extra adventure. Independent visitors should budget approximately $80 per day for accommodations and sightseeing, while those who come to the country on an organized tour will probably spend about $100 per day.

The budget-minded can see it all for less if they are willing to give up some creature comforts and use alternative accommodations. Campers can enjoy all that Mongolia has to offer for about $35 per day, and those costs can be trimmed even further by eschewing taxis and car services in favor of the country’s public transportation system. Visitors should arrive with plenty of cash, and exchange their currency at an official currency exchange. Visitors to this rugged country should not rely on credit cards, fence plastic currency is not accepted in many places.

The Best Time to Visit

The weather in Mongolia is predictably unpredictable, and intrepid travelers should come prepared for a variety of weather conditions. The changeable nature of the Mongolian weather is especially notable in the springtime, but visitors should come prepared no matter what time of year they choose to visit.

The country does experience all four seasons, and those seasons are similar to the ones most people in the West know. The four seasons travelers can expect as they visit Mongolia are:

Winter — November through February is the winter season
Spring – March through mid-May is the Mongolian spring
Summer – mid-May through late August is the summer season
Fall – September, and October are the autumn months in Mongolia

Of course, the cold weather tends to come earlier in the northern regions of the country, so visitors planning a trek into the northern parts of the country should be prepared for harsher weather.

Mongolia is justifiably known as a land of sunshine, with more than 250 days of sunshine every year. The land is also known for the intensity of its sunlight, so visitors should be prepared with adequate sunscreen and other sun protection measures.

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