Planning to take part in Rio de Janeiro Carnival next year? Well, there are some things you need to know prior to visiting this exotic place and participating in this event.

First of all, you must learn when this huge and famous party is held since each and every year it has to be for six weeks leading to Easter Sunday. For instance, the 2011 carnival was celebrated from March 5th up to 8th and in 2012 it began on February 18th up to 21st, so you must carefully check the date prior to making the reservations.

Another thing you must take care of is to check with local agencies offering you holiday packages to include Rio de Janeiro Carnival participation. The earlier you book for a place, the more chances you have to get good deals with many travel agencies selling their packages at discount. The best time of the year to book a trip is between September and October of the year previous to the celebration.

At this point, you may have to decide how you plan on participating, as a competitor or a bystander? This is because Carnival is not only for show but is also a dance competition where various Samba Schools are presenting their students and getting their grades. If you want to be merely a spectator then you can get a reservation for the stadium seats since the prices are also set in accordance with your preferences. As a future participant in the parade, you should know beforehand whether you can commit to Samba School courses and make sure that you represent the school with the passion and energy this type of dance requires.

Next, you will have to make a reservation for your stay. Since Rio de Janeiro Carnival is held for the duration of three days, you will need a place to sleep at. But this shouldn’t be a problem since there are several exotic places to choose from. You don’t have to limit your visit to the period when this Carnival is held, but you can extend it up to a week or more and get the chance to visit the tourist attractions. The best areas for tourists to stay are Ipanema and Copacabana, but also the bays and forests offer an exciting landscape for tourists to relax.

Going back to Rio de Janeiro Carnival, this event proves to be an exciting experience for all those people who attend its ‘life’. It is majestic with rich and exorbitantly designed costumes that appeal to worldwide spectators, a show that is worth experiencing every minute of it while being there. Words cannot describe enough the energetic atmosphere that draws the attention of the whole world while being broadcast by many televisions across the globe.

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