It is not true that tourists who visit Rio de Janeiro have only the hotel option for accommodating their staying. There are as well cheaper alternatives to hotels, such as vacation rental apartments. When you plan to travel to this city, you should better check with these accommodations at an early time because many other people like you from all over the world would want to find cheap hosting.

Keep in mind that Rio de Janeiro is a famous city that offers various tourist attractions (the statue of Christ the Redeemer, the Sugarloaf, and other natural assets), but among all of them, it is the Carnival festivity that takes place once a year before the Easter holiday. So if you plan on taking part in this celebration you must book way ahead, preferably many months in advance to make sure that you get your place in this festivity. At the same time, you can save money on renting any of the vacation apartments available for tourists in Rio de Janeiro.

The benefit of renting one of these apartments is that it can accommodate a larger number of people, not to mention that you have the possibility of cooking your meals and doing the laundry which are other ways to save you money as well. You won’t have to pay those big checks to the hotel service when you could feel comfortable and at your ease in any of these apartments as if you were in your home place.

You can as well invite some of your friends to come over and host them in any of the available bedrooms. Speaking of bedrooms, vacation rental apartments in Rio de Janeiro come in a wide range from one-bedroom flats up to 4 bedroom apartments with luxuriously decorated rooms to ensure maximum comfort.

Once again it is important to start booking earlier for these apartments although you may be lucky enough to find several of them on short notice. But in this case, you may not find them in the most wanted locations, such as the ones located in Zona Sul – Leme, Copacabana, and Leblon – the famous beach destinations.

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