It is true that many people would say that while visiting a city as a tourist there is no more time for including sporting activities that help you stay fit, but touring in Rio de Janeiro you have various sports to choose from while enjoying at the same time the beauties of this city. Yes, you can stay without sporting, especially because you will want to allocate as much time as possible to visiting various attractive locations, but wouldn’t it be great to visit these places and still do some sports?

For instance, you can enjoy sunbathing on Copacabana beach and perform several sporting activities that can be done both on the sands and in the water. You can for instance enjoy the warmth of the sun and have your body bathed in its rays while playing volleyball or soccer. There is another interesting sport that combines soccer and volleyball known as fute volei – hitting the ball with the foot following volleyball rules at the ground level. If you are more of a water sports fan, you could go surfing or boating.

It is also a joy to get involved in sports activities while touring Rio de Janeiro because the weather here is very friendly welcoming each type of sporting initiative. Hiking the mountains is the next one on our list with interesting routes to approach such as Pedra da Gaves, a perfect spot for enthusiast climbers. Hang gliding offers you a bird’s eye view of the city and its natural surroundings. If you are more of a biker, you will find Lagoa Lake located in the middle of the city with sideways for biking and running.

For those who are golf passionate, there are several golf courses to choose from, although these ones are located 2 and half hours of driving from Rio de Janeiro. You can find driving instructions on any of the hotels you are accommodated at and be able to reach any available golf course and soothe your passion for golf.

When visiting Rio de Janeiro, make sure that you find some time to do any of the sports activities described above. It is not only a way to keep yourself fit when holidaying in this beautiful city, but also a new perspective for sightseeing if you choose those sports that can place you somewhere on top of the city.

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