Without any doubt, Rio de Janeiro is a city where you can eat and drink at a wide range of prices while visiting various restaurants and bistros in an attempt to get a chance to taste it all.

While it is true that you can not taste everything that is served in these places, you still have the possibility to try out some of the restaurants and bistros that are all over the place. Brazilian people are very friendly and so is the staff attending you in these places, where you are offered rich menus that can be rather difficult to choose from.

Each of the meals sounds enticing and new for you and any other tourist who is visiting Rio de Janeiro for the first time. I have a friend who has made a habit of traveling to this city only for the joy he has in tasting each and every time new varieties of meals.

He is the one who has pointed out a famous restaurant that is not only a five-star one but it fully deserves this quality due to the ambiance and the majestic presentation of the location. It is situated in front of Leme Beach and is known by the name of Marius. Here you will be simply overwhelmed by the rustic decorative style that combines wood and brick displaying all sorts of decorative pieces that add more appeal to the place.

The staff is very responsive to your needs presenting you with a menu that includes dishes of meat and fish. It is hard to decide which one to have first but you can try the fish menu just to make sure that you have an easy start.

While you may be stuffed from the beginning with the appetizers, it is always more room in there for the main course to include a spit-roasted churrasco cooked with the meat option. This is a traditional meal that you can not simply miss out on. If you think you have too much on your first visit to this place, you can come the next day and enjoy the other meals that are on the menu.

For instance, you can give “catupiri”, which is made with delicious mini-prawns along with other fish-based meals, a try. You may want at a certain point to go to the toilet. Well, this will be another experience for you, because this place is definitely one of the most luxurious toilettes you have ever seen.

Another place to have a great culinary experience without spending too much is any of the typical Gallegos that are spread through the city of Rio de Janeiro. Here you will be served with chicken-based menus with side courses that are very consistent and trust me you won’t have the chance to finish the whole meal that is served to you.

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