Rio de Janeiro is definitely the place to spend your holidays. You can find here all kinds of cultural activities combined with amazing sightseeing and sunbathing.

Tourists simply love to have their sunbathe on any of the popular beaches that one can find in this holiday destination, Ipanema and Copacabana. If anyone would wonder if there was a beach culture in Rio de Janeiro then the answer would be a big YES. The same way people love to have their sunbaths on French Riviera or in Florida, you will find in this famous Brazilian city as well.

Each and every day, the beaches in Rio de Janeiro are filled with tourists enjoying their suntan and doing all kinds of sports and activities. Also, locals who are known as Cariocas will come to these beaches to jog early in the morning before going to work. Not to mention the foreigners who have established here for several years! Are you in for a volleyball game?

Then no problem; you can easily join any of the teams playing on the beach! Do you want to keep yourself in good physical shape? Then again you can simply go to the beach and join any of the outdoor gyms to shed off those extra pounds that have accumulated with the rich traditional meals!

Surfing is another sporting activity that has gained popularity on the beaches in Rio de Janeiro although the waves are not necessarily the right ones. You will find many of the locals excited by the mere fact that they can surf combining this activity with their daily sunbaths. This is also the reason why weekends are the most populated days at the beach. These are also the days when the traffic is redirected to allow people to come to the beach without being bothered by busy traffic. It is during the weekends when tourists can walk and ride bikes if they want to reach faster from one location to another.

As to the beach culture in Rio de Janeiro, we cannot omit the fact that going to the beach is a way to socialize, interact with locals and have a great time. You will find beaches having separate sections for families, nudists, students, and gay people. It is a division that is made on the spot since many people will go to the beach in the exact spot they have been the day before. There is no written rule on what to wear or how to behave, but suffice it to say that you are free to do whatever you feel like and have your sunbath on the spot that you favor the most.

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