Galeao International Airport is the place where your plane will land when you have planned to spend your vacation in Rio de Janeiro. If you are for the first time in this place, you will have to deal with the transportation that takes you from the airport to your holiday destination. Maybe a better way to deal with this thing would be to check with the Rio Airport Transfer service before you leave home. In this way, you can get transportation means waiting for you upon your landing in this city.

But if you haven’t yet figured these things out prior to leaving for your holiday, then you will have to cope with the situation that is available at the premises for any tourist arriving at Rio de Janeiro airport. Once you will end up with all the formalities and you are in the safe possession of your luggage, you will have to head to the exit gates and find out that there are various options waiting for you to choose from.

One such option comes in the form of a standard taxi, but if you travel on a budget this may not be the best alternative for you. Many tourists have complained that they have been ripped off by the local taxi drivers simply because they couldn’t speak the language. A taxi driver may know at least basic English but they will pretend not to understand and play the dumb only to charge you a larger fee. However if you still decide that a yellow taxi is the best solution because you have a lot of luggage to carry with you, then look for the signs inside the airport that points out in English where to exit and find a taxi.

But if you want to avoid any of these inconveniences, you may want to look at the other option: taking the bus that can get you to any of your favorite destinations – Copacabana, Ipanema, or whatever other destination you may have chosen for your Rio de Janeiro holiday. Traveling by bus is also a cheaper alternative to taking a cab, but again if you have much luggage it can be very frustrating to not be able to fit them all on the bus. Besides, you may find out that in the meanwhile they have been stolen from you.

All these being said, you should enjoy your arrival in Rio de Janeiro without paying too much attention to the noise that welcomes you at the airport with all the taxi drivers swarming around tourists and offering their services.

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