Before taking a trip to Rio de Janeiro it is always recommended to find out as much as possible about this holiday destination. Probably the best you know about this city of is the statue of Christ the Redeemer and the Carnival, two main touristic attractions for tourists from all over the world. But it is impossible to have heard about these and not know anything about the colorful nightlife this city offers to its tourists.

There isn’t only the presence of bars (known as botecos) but also other various places where you can spend the evening in any way you find it suitable to your taste and style, and of course budget. Are you in for some refined music or planning to go to a ballet? Then you will have the Municipal Theater where many classical concerts and ballets are organized to satisfy your need for this type of musical and show preference.

But we have to be honest on this one: people visiting other countries as tourists will not go to places they have as well at home. They will mostly look for locations where they can get a piece of the local tradition and culture. This doesn’t mean that you will get these specific vibes from bars, but from the atmosphere that these clubs and botecos unfold for their customers, be they, locals or tourists.

For this reason, you should go to those places where traditional music and dances are performed, such as sambas and choros. Both of them are very rhythmic compositions and you will have to learn how to dance if you want to truly have a great nightlife experience in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Choro for instance is an old Brazilian dance that was performed as a salon dance in the 19th century and later was taken over by the modern instruments to result in original compositions played through the electronic sound of keyboards.

In the middle of the city, you will be welcomed by the gafieria clubs, a term describing the dance halls populated by working-class neighborhoods. Do not miss out on ‘ensaio’, a party thrown by many of the schools of samba located in Rio de Janeiro. Ensaio nights are a must-see for tourists who want to see more of the traditional dances of the locals. Lapa district is another area that includes many bars and clubs where you get the vibes of Brazilian music, so you may not want to miss out on these ones as well.

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