Rio de Janeiro is the place where people go for enjoying the sunbath while laying on the fine and warm sand of various famous beaches. It is important to mention that aside from other tourist attractions, this city offers more than 50 miles of beach shoreline with various possibilities to spend your time, besides sunbathing.

Let’s find out a list of the beaches that you can visit during your stay in Rio de Janeiro:

  • Arpoador – located between Copacabana and Ipanema, this beach is by far the most popular one, especially favored by those tourists who travel with their families.
  • Abrico – is the beach favored mostly by those who want to sunbathe without wearing swimming suits. It is located inside the Grumari location and it has become a nudist beach starting in 2003.
  • Botafogo – is considered mostly a city beach and it is not spread on a large area while presenting less clean water than other beaches have. This is the reason why not many people go swimming in this part.
  • Barra da Tijuca – is the opposite of one from above, because it is considered the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro. It is also very clean and it is not very crowded like other beaches are.
  • Brazil Copacabana – we can not move further without mentioning the most popular beach that Rio de Janeiro offers. It is very well maintained with its incredibly white sands, but it cannot be otherwise because this beach is the one that Copacabana Palace Hotel faces. Also, the water is very clear encouraging people to swim and surf. Other beach activities can be seen here, such as volleyball and a combination of soccer and volleyball.
  • Ipanema Beach – spreads over 2 km and has its name from the surrounding region. Here you will find a strip of land where various shops, bars, and dining places are built for tourists.
  • Sao Conrado – is the beach in Rio de Janeiro situated between Barra de Tijuca and Leblon. It is a pretty elegant region where you can lay back and enjoy your sunbathing. It is important to know one thing: if you are not an experienced swimmer, you should limit yourself to sunbaths.

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